At Lawson Animal Feeds, we offer a range of fantastic Alpha puppy food for all different breeds, sizes, ages, and diets. They offer all kinds of food for all kinds of dogs making them the go-to for many owners. Their food is high-value, high-quality and perfect for dogs who aren’t afraid to get their paws a little dirty. In this blog we will be discussing some of the great Alpha puppy food that we have in stock here at Lawson’s that our four-legged customers just love!


Alpha offers a selection of foods for puppies and young dogs that will help them grow up to be big and strong. Alpha Sporting Puppy is a complete hypoallergenic food, scientifically formulated to provide puppies of sporting, working and racing breeds with the essential ingredients for the best possible start in life. It is cooked and fortified with a range of minerals and vitamins to ensure that your puppy receives all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and oils, essential for steady growth during their first and most crucial stages of development. We also offer the brilliant Alpha Junior & Active Field Nuggets.


Whether your four-legged friend is a racing dog, working dog or simply an energetic dog that loves a long walk, Alpha has a solution! The Alpha Adult Maintenance and Alpha Racer are perfect for sporting dogs with their unique blend of nutrients. Alpha Worker Maintenance is a complete and balanced diet containing freshly cooked meat along with a range of vitamins and minerals which provides a low energy wholesome food for dogs that are less active.

Special Diets

In addition to the more general and basic food in Alpha’s extensive range, there are also many foods that cater for more unique and special diets. Alpha High Performance is the ultimate in racing and competition dog food, scientifically formulated to give excellent body development, optimum muscle and bone advancement and boundless energy for the rigours of racing. We also stock the fantastic Alpha Sensitive which has been carefully formulated to help meet the needs of dogs with a delicate or sensitive digestive system.

From Hamster to Horse, Lawson Animal Feeds boasts a regularly updated list of products to keep your animals looking and feeling fantastic!

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