At Lawson Animal Feeds we pride ourselves on our range of poultry products that will keep your chickens clucking happily in their coups.

In this blog we will discuss some of the great items we stock that will make keeping chickens a much simpler and enjoyable process.

Fantastic Feeders

An appropriate feeder is completely necessary for your chicken(s) to allow them to enjoy their meal in the most convenient way.

We have found the perfect solution! The Hentastic Foraging Cake Feeder is skilfully designed to let your poultry pals enjoy their treat in the best and easiest way.

It also allows them to get all the essential nutrients and vitamins that are important for growth and development.

Bottoms Up…

The Battles Poultry Drink is the perfect all round general poultry tonic.

It is formulated to maintain good health in all kinds of poultry birds.

This product contains iron, phosphorus, potassium manganate and copper which are particularly beneficial to birds recovering from a red mite infestation.

This product is to be consumed by birds by adding 10ml of Poultry Drink to 4.5 litres of drinking water.

Peck No!

The Johnsons Anti Peck Spray is a special pump action spray that tastes horrible to birds. Its main purpose is to prevent feather plucking.

This action can be a sign of insect pests so it is essential to check your birds, especially around the vent at the base of their feathers.

Mites Be Gone

Should you find any pesky mites as mentioned previously, our Battles Red Mite Powder is a great solution!

This product gives lasting protection against mites and lice which can be harmful to your birds and extremely irritating.

It contains a new generation insect repellent which can be applied directly onto the bird by shaking it directly from the shaker onto the affected area.

From Hamster to Horse (and chicken) – Lawson Animal Feeds offers a huge selection of products to keep your pets looking and feeling their best all year round.

For all of your poultry requirements and much more, visit our website: or call us on 01740 565185 for more information.