Greyhound Greatness with Lawson Animal Feeds

Greyhounds are one of the most interesting and special breeds of dog. They are the second fastest animal in the world (only the cheetah) and can lose up to 5 pounds in a single race, probably due to spending 75% of their time in the air.

Despite all of this, greyhounds are in the top 5 most gentle dogs and one of the healthiest breeds of dog when it comes to staying clear of developing any hereditary health issues.

In this blog we will discuss some of the best ways to take care of your greyhound and some products we recommend to keep your greyhound looking and feeling their best.

Avoid Fast Food

Although it is a given to provide your dogs with the best food possible, for greyhounds it is important to avoid commercial dog rolls or cans of wet food and because greyhounds are tall place their food and water at a raised level to avoid bloating.

Some of our bestselling greyhound foods include, Gain Greyhound 20 (15 kg), Gain Greyhound 28 (15 kg) and Odds on 20% (15 kg).

Our products from Gain contain a balance of high-quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients which aid the immune system and overall health.

Let’s Accessorise

Finding accessories that work well for your dog and provide them with the correct safety and support is extremely important. From leads to coats to muzzles, greyhounds require specific items that are appropriate for their long, slim neck and long nose.

Our Catch Collar and Lead Set is perfect for greyhounds and won’t slip off their head, they are affordable, stylish and are available in a variety of colours. Box Muzzles are perfect for being out and about and keeping everyone safe. Plus, our range of coats are fantastic for those colder days.

Super Supplements

For exceptionally active greyhounds it is recommended to give them supplements to keep them strong and healthy. Our Battles Glucose Powder (3 kg and 600 g) is ideal as a natural source of energy. To restore strength and power our Nutri-science Creatine Plus is a great solution.

It is also important to keep your greyhound comfortable, and with our Vet Beds that has never been easier. Like humans, dogs also need a good night’s rest to stay healthy. This is especially important for older dogs and larger breeds who need a bit more sleep than their younger, smaller counterparts.

Greyhounds are so fantastic we are not surprised that at one time only noblemen were allowed to own a greyhound.

From Hamster to Horse, Lawson Animal Feeds supplies quality animal feed and supplies to make your animals feel like royalty.

For all of your greyhound needs and much more, visit our website: or call us on 01740 565185 for more information.