How To Keep Your Dog Extra Healthy

Here at Lawson’s we’re not surprised dogs are one of the UK’s most popular pets. Keeping your dog happy as well as healthy is important and in this blog, we discuss our wide range of products for keeping your dog fit.

Feeding Healthy
We offer a huge range of dog food products from some of the best-selling brands such our very own Meat & Veg and Arden etc. If you are the owner of a Greyhound, our selection of Gain and Odds On products are the ideal solution to keeping your dog on the right track and ensuring your dog can maintain a healthy build. We also offer a number of tasty gluten free treats that are perfect as a healthy option when you want to reward your pooch. One great product is the Wagg Treats Tasty Bones, which are enriched with Vitamins & Minerals.

Cleaning Solutions
As with any animal, it is absolutely vital that you keep on top of your dog’s cleanliness. This will lessen the risk of infections, which can of course be dangerous for your pet. We offer first class cleaning products such as Johnsons Shampoos to keep that hair in amazing condition. Whilst we also have Johnsons Flea Shampoo just in case fleas become a problem.

Keeping Fit
In a dog’s world, keeping fit is more fun than you could possibly imagine! At Lawson Animals Feeds you can find a variety of different toys to make playtime even better for your four-legged friend. Some of the fantastic low-priced options on offer include rope toys, squeaky toys, tennis balls, kongs and much much more!

Here at Lawson Animal Feeds we have are proud to have your dog’s health needs covered. For more information give us a call on 01740 656185 or visit