How To Keep Your Dogs Safe & Happy During Fireworks

With bonfire night just around the corner, for many it will be an enjoyable night watching the dancing colours and listening to loud bangs, but often for pets it can be an anxious night. In this blog we discuss some top tips to keeping your pets safe and happy.

Walk Them Early
If your dog is used to going for a walk in the evening, switch up this routine at least 2 days before bonfire night to ensure they are not out if a firework were to go off. This also allows them to use some energy making it easier for them to fall asleep at night

Create A Safe Space For Them
It’s important that your dog feels safe but not restricted, create a safe space for them surrounded by their favourite cushions, toys and water. This will allow them to associate the place with safety. Try not to keep them restricted though and allow the same run of the house as normal to allow your pet to be in the same routine.

Keep Fireworks Out
As much as it can be hard to keep out the noise, it’s also beneficial to make sure they can’t see the bright lights that can also disturb them. Keep all curtains and blinds shut and lights on to keep your home feeling and looking as normal as possible.

Utilise Different Sounds
As much as fireworks can be a loud noise, you can try to muffle the sound with some soothing music or a sound your dog likes. This will provide some distraction from the sounds going on outside and keep them calmer.
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