Our Top Essentials For Looking After Your Horse Or Pony

Here at Lawson’s we understand that proper horse care is at the top of your list and keeping them happy and healthy is very important. In this blog we’re going to discuss some of our essential products for your horse or pony.

Hoof Ointment

Hoof ointment is a crucial product for all horses and ponies. Being able to maintain a healthy hoof is the perfect way to keep your horse active and in the best condition possible. Hoof ointment also known as hoof oil is popular with show horses and competitions as it’s application makes the hoofs of your horse gleam but it also prevents any cracks and encourages growth. We offer a range of leading hoof ointments including Carr Day and Martin Hoof Ointment and Cut Heal Hoof Care.

Purple Sprays

Purple sprays are often used if a horse has a cut or injury located in its hoof, leg or an area where it is easy to get infected. Purple spray is similar to iodine as you can put both on a cut or scrape as they provide ways of killing bacteria or viruses before the injury becomes serious with antiseptic. When you use purple spray on a horse it will mark up the area it’s been sprayed on to show you if the application is in the correct place before fading and starting to take action. Purple spray should be reapplied often to help fight any infections if the injury is still prominent. Ask us about our Gold Label Purple Spray.


Depending on the type of active horse you have, the variety of food they get will be different at different times of the year. If you are building up to go into event season your horse will be in heavy work and should consider feed such as Mollichaf Show Shine or Spillers Conditioning Cubes which are perfect if you are preparing for the height of eventing during summer months. The cubes will help to improve your horses topline without getting them overexcited. Conditioning Cubes are also used to help support muscles in preparation for a show.

Here at Lawson Animal Feeds we are proud to offer a range of products from feed and supplements to bedding and grooming. For more information call us on a 1740656185 or visit www.lawsonanimalfeeds.co.uk