Pet Supplies – Mane Care Must Haves

When caring for horses, maintaining their manes and coats is one of the biggest and most important tasks. There are lots of specific products and pet supplies which are designed to treat your equine pals in the way that they deserve. In this blog we will be discussing some of our personal favourite products for your horse’s mane which will have them galloping joyfully around the yard immediately.

Dermoline Shampoos

Our selection of Dermoline horse shampoos offer the perfect solution for your equine animals. We have three varieties which are formulated to aid a range of coats to ensure your horse always looks show ready, even when just at home. The three types that we stock are the Insect Shampoo, Medicated Shampoo and Sweet Itch Lotion . These shampoos are fantastic for your horses and will help keep them happy and healthy.

NAF Off Extra Effect Spray

NAF Off Extra Effect Spray is a concentrated solution which deters flies, midges, and other pests from your horse to enable them to relax comfortably. It will help deter biting insects, flies and midges whilst the horse is grazing, helping reduce the horses need to itch and scratch which can damage your horse’s mane, tail and coat. This product offers great value for money and lasts much longer than you might expect!

Supreme Products Shampoo

At Lawson Animal Feeds, we offer two of the fantastic Supreme Products shampoos in Blue and Black. The blue formula was designed to enhance the colour of grey and white coats and works effectively on all coat colours promoting depth of colour and giving definition. The black shampoo however, was formulated to deepen colour for a natural looking finish on legs, manes and tails as well as enhancing the colour and shine on dark coats.

From hamster to horse – Lawsons has the expertise, pet supplies and products to help maintain and pamper your pets.

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