Alpha Gold (15Kg) – VAT FREE


Alpha Gold Moist Muesli A moist muesli, nutritionally formulated as a complete balanced diet. With a glaze of natural glucose, provides a moist crunchy food, ideal for even the fussiest of eaters. ? 20% Protein? Highest Quality Cooked Meat? Easily digestible and highly palatable? ?Vat? Free in UK

A unique and moist blend of the finest cereals, peas, beef chunks and wholesome biscuits that are carefully cooked to produce a highly palatable food with no need to add anything extra. The flavours are sealed with a glaze of natural glucose that provides a moist but crunchy food. Alpha Gold Moist Muesli therefore encourages a good appetite and is ideal for the fussiest of eaters

20% Protein

Natural ingredients

Highest quality cooked meat

Ideal for Fussy Eaters

Scientifically formulated for health and vitality

Easy to digest and highly palatable

Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete

With extra glucose for quick release energy

VAT FREE in the United Kingdom


15 kg