Alpha Racer (15Kg)


Nutritionally formulated as a high energy diet which optimises performance under racing conditions.

Alpha Racer contains a blend of proteins including meat, fish, and milk which are necessary to achieve the optimum levels of fitness and condition for racing at the highest levels. Selected cereal and vegetable dietary fibre ensures digestive vigour whilst essential minerals and vitamins are added to promote optimal health and vitality. Alpha Racer is a complete food that meets the requirements of dogs in training, stud dogs, brood bitches, pups and saplings.

28% Protein

Omega 3 & 6 Oils for skin & coat health

Highest quality beef, chicken and fish protein for muscle development

Easy soak

Scientifically formulated for racing

Easy to digest and highly palatable

Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete

All natural ingredients – no artificial colours

VAT FREE in the United Kingdom

15 kg