Skinners Puppy (15kg)


Field & Trial Puppy is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies and young working dogs during their first and most crucial stages of development.

By feeding Field & Trial Puppy from weaning up to approximately nine months of age, you will ensure that your puppy receives all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and oils which are essential for steady growth.

Our foods are made in the UK at our mill in Suffolk. The Skinner?s mill has been a traditional part of the Suffolk landscape since 1688. The Mill has belonged to the Skinner family for seven generations, but it was the idea of the current Chairman, Roger Skinner, to branch into complete dry dog foods in the early 1970?s ? a time when there were very few competitors in this sector of the market. The manufacture of complete dry dog foods was a natural progression from animal feed compounding, and with an excellent reputation already well established the move proved extremely successful.

Following a change in the VAT status on working dog foods, Skinner?s launched their Field & Trial range in the early 1990’s. Originally just two foods: Crunchy & Muesli, the range now comprises eight specifically formulated diets, including the recent addition of the two very popular hypoallergenic foods: Duck & Rice and Salmon & Rice.

Whilst Skinner?s past and present is firmly connected to the working gundog sector, we are proud to supply our foods to a wide range of customers, including several police forces, husky racing teams and many show dog, obedience and agility dog customers.

15 kg