Treat the Birds with Lawson Animal Feeds!

With the sunny weather rolling in quickly, now may be the best time to consider creating your very own bird feeding station – and here at Lawson Animal Feeds, we have the perfect range of products to get you started!

Whether your garden is filled with sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, pigeons or a more rare variety of feathery friends, Lawson Animal Feeds has it covered.

Finding the Right Feeder

Step One… Finding the right feeder for you and your garden.

At Lawson’s, we stock two different feeders:

  • The Supa Kent Peanut Feeder is ideal whether you are just starting out or if you’re looking to add to an existing setup. A stylish black Peanut feeder that is smart, elegant and contemporary but still very functional.
  • The Nature’s Feast Royal Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder offers a safer option if where you live has a thriving squirrel community, while maintaining full functionality. Birds will still have easy access to feed while keeping any small animals out.

It is important to add feeders to a safe place in the garden and away from any possible dangers!

Adding the Perfect Food For Your Visitors

At Lawson Animal Feeds we have a wide range of bird food available, including bird nuts, bird seeds and fruits to meet a range of bird diets. Our stock also varies in price in order to meet a range of budgets.

Our range extends anywhere from 2kg of Niger Seed, all the way to a 25kg Bag of Nuts, with so much in between!

Remember… In addition to food, it is also super important to provide birds with water.

Bird Feeding Fun with the Kids

If you have children at home, getting creative with a project like this could be a fantastic way to teach about birds while simultaneously spending lovely quality time together.

How many varieties have you seen in your garden? I’m sure the kids would have lots of fun counting them!

Feeding is Important All Year Round

Though you may feel more compelled to start feeding during Spring/Summer when there are chicks to feed, it is really important to continue during the Winter months too, in order to maintain high energy for survival. It is also important to keep feeding them as they use lots of energy to get to your garden.

From hamster to horse – at Lawson Animal Feeds, we also offer products for many other furry friends including, dogs, cats, horses, poultry and many other small animals.

For all of your bird feeding needs and much more, visit our website: or call us on 01740 565185 for more information.